Friday, April 24, 2009

Anger has been getting the best of me

Psalms 37: 8 says Cease from anger and forsake wrath;fret not yourself-it tends only evildoing. For evildooers shall be cut off, but those who wait and hope and look for the Lord [in the end] shall inherit the earth.

I will think of this every time I become angry with what is going on my life I need to think about this. I've went through so much this week alone and I've had mixed feelings about so many things going on with school and home. My frustrations have been gradually coming out but they came out in a way in which I thought I would never have to be brought to. I need to stop dwelling on how other people think about what I should be doing and focus on how I'm doing it. Apparently I'm not doing something right in their eyes if they coming at my head in an ignorant way about it so it is what it is. I declare to myself through blogging that I will let go of this anger because it takes energy to be angry with someone. It doesn't take any energy to be indifferent and thats what I choose to be. The semester is almost over NO MORE 8 Oclock classes....Life will get Better

I declare, God that the fountain of Life is with you, in Your light, I see light [Amen] Good night...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I encourage people to try and gain perspective...and this can only be done by stepping out of your comfort zone and gaining experience and not being subject to what is placed in front of you but what is in between the lines....*shrugs*


Monday, April 13, 2009

I GUESS you wanna STD...and thats FINE!


Scenario: One of my ex-good friends was talking to this dude for a while. She was telling me about dude and all this extra geeking shit. Whole time she's telling me about this dude, I been feeling like I know him and the things she saying is all too close to the dude that I know. She was calling him by a shortened name (nickname) or whatever that made me think it wasn't the same dude I knew. So one day she's doing my hair and she's telling me more and more about this dude to the point where I know that it's the same nigga. Different name or not. So right in the middle of her talking I'm like "That nigga has a girlfriend." She's like "why you say that." I'm like because his stepmother and my mother are friends. And so I start telling her about him and she's like shocked! I'm like leave nigga alone. She called dude and asked him about it and all this extra geekin shit. Ok, they talk...blah...blah....blah. I assume from that day they weren't going to talk. (This summer 07) they continue talking to NOW (Spring 09). I find out that she could possibly have an STD from this very dude. Now my source who told me advised me to tell my friend she could have it. I wasn't even going to tell the girl bcuz she been dumb since jump with messin with dude knowing he has a girl. My source said you really should that's your friend. I'm like ur right, and I tell her...........
Check this B.S: I tell my friend that she could have an STD from dude and she's like I got checked in like Jan or Feb, and I'm good. She said they werent even fucking anymore, cuz I asked!! So some hours later she had the NERVE, the audacity to call me and say that DUDE is outside my house and told her to tell me to come outside. I'm like...I hope you joking. You sending dude to my house. Oh yea......that's how we rockin???? Thought I was helping a friend out.....guess not....DAMN!!!!!!

{ B }

Friday, April 10, 2009

I need Prayer ya'll

First,  PRAY I GET A JOB IN A WEEK TOPS!!!......

Well I'm blown that I do not have a job because i NEED one.  It's just this simple.  I can't take staying at home and not doing anything with my life at all.  Then I have school starting on june 1st.  I actually can't wait for that.  It just made me feel better about a lot of ish.  Then my master mother keeps asking me what's going on and I'm like...ARRGHHH!  I know more than you I have bills to pay.  Leave me alone chick!  Love her though.  At the moment what would make me happy is some sour patch kids and some soda.  I don't feel like going to get either.  I guess I can wait until tomorrow.

Whats really good with C??

Remember that life is way too short.  You have to seize the moment now, because you might get seized in the moment.  And let's go out with no regrets, no guilt or shame!  If you feel a sense of those things, you make room to improve.  Lesson Learned.  Take it with a grain a salt.  Keep it movin!  Do it all again.  As long as you live.  Because that's life.  And we only got one to live!  

{ B }

LOL @ Everything in this F*(&ing world + a BUNCH of Randomness...Enjoy

>I'm just laughing @ everything first off!

>Lets get the randomness make me feel better about myself!!!!

First...uhhhhhhhh...Cassie, Britney Spears CANT be your role model

So ASSie Cassie decided it would be a good idea to chop...not all...but only one half of her head off.  I personally don't get it.  But seeing it I think she could maybe rock a bomb short cut....not like she has anything better to do.....


>Somehow my credit card info got into a porn addicts hands....cuz they bought $80 worth.  Who steals a credit card for porn??...

>I still need a JOB!

{ B }

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hip Hop Flight Attendant

So today I'm upset because I forgot I'm getting inducted into Golden Key International Honour Society. I also found out some information about this organization I want to join that I didn't find very welcoming. But anywho onto the video [relaxing before induction] [J]

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First and Foremost I woke up this morning feeling like....[UGH]...I woke up thinking about so many things in my brain.....Last night I was reading Madea's book "Dont make a black woman take off her earrings" it was ok...must've not been that great if i fell asleep on it. So I'm supposed to be at HU Beautification Day, but I'm just not into least not today when I want to relax and relax my hair.... I LOVE B SCOTT: He makes me laugh soooooo hard... anyway

I was looking at other people's blogs thinking maybe I gotta things up Like this Video:

when did Halle berry learn how to walk it out....or I didn't know she had to look urban to do her own dance that everyone made up.....OH WELL....Onto this take-home test and relaxing....until next time...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nightcap tidbits!

Wow...I'm sleepy. I went to my old high school today and that was pretty fun. I saw 2 teachers that I used to have and conversed with them for a while. I also decided I'm gonna be graduating from Howard. That's a good look right there. You know it's the real HU! In case you ever hear about the real HU....make sure its Howrd. Some other schools try to say they're the real HU. Played a trick on C bc she's ridic and doesn't blog. Its april fools day and I told her my car was set on fire. Such a great person that she went for it. >:O●H.Α.●:-D:-DHΑHΑHΑ●HΑ:'( .● times!!

{ B }