Saturday, May 9, 2009

Been Gone For A Minute....

yeah so i guess we have a lot of catching up to do.. i've been spending the last couple of months analyzing and re-analyzing my life. i've made a lot of decisions...and changed my mind on almost all of em lol.....I DECIDED TO JOIN THE AIR FORCE! and i'm ridiculously excited about it...everybody keeps asking me why i'm joining..and its a lot. i've been out of high school for 3 years and i just feel like theres so much more i can be doing with my life. i know its not going to be easy...but the things that are worth it usually aren't...which leads to my next love life has been up & down the past couple weeks or so... we're both just trying to figure out why things arent like they were...or why they arent like we feel they should be after 2 years. i've been trying to figure out if it was worth trying anymore..and if i should just walk away..but no matter how hard i try to...i just cant...and its been the same for him...but the fact that we tried to walk away from each other bothers me..but maybe it shouldnt...i mean...we're still here right?? UGH! work! i'm convinced that mimi's is going to work me to death lol. 40 hr weeks are NO joke when u work in a restaurant. theres  no desk to sit at..and u have to deal with people and their bs....but i'm making BANK though!!!! soooo....y complain?? i've been dealing with home issues a lot lately too...and i've been thinking about moving...even transfered jobs..but i've come to realize that my biggest problem is that there is only one stable thing about me...the fact that i ALWAYS run when i dont want to deal with things..and usually i end up in a more ridiculous situation than i was i decided to stick it out..stop running..and oh idk GROW THE HELL UP!! lls (yeah i just went on myself a lil bit) well i guess thats it...B IS STILL A FOOLYWANG. THAT WONT EVER CHANGE. until next time people..promise it wont be so long..

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