Monday, November 2, 2009

Calling It Quits


There you are, in this great relationship. Everything is going well. You like all the same things, and it seems you are doing everything together. Your friends like his friends, his friends like your friends, and you are just one of those couples that everyone adores and then, one morning you wake up and think, "I need this why?" Suddenly you feel like maybe, this isn't the way it's supposed to go, maybe it's time for this...dare I say, should be ending. How do you know when it's time to call a relationship quits and move away and on with your life.

Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need:
Close attention to detail
time alone
some good friends
A way out

Step 1
Step one, ASSESS the relationship. Get to a quiet place where you can be alone without interruption by your partner and write down a pros and cons list for your relationship. I recommend destroying this list afterwards so that your partner never find it!

Step 2
Okay, you have your list of pros and cons. Next, take a page or two and write down what was so great about your relationship to begin with. What was it about that person that drove the two of you together? Was it a mutual interest like dancing, or belly shots at the bar, or tennis, or love for Asian food, what was it?

Step 3
Third. Try to figure out just what changed. What happened to make the relationship different. Perhaps in the beginning you were both into kick boxing and now he's working late every day. Maybe in the beginning you both wanted the same things and now it seems like you are going into completely different places. Or maybe you've changed. Maybe what you thought you wanted or needed from the relationship has changed. Maybe you now want more and what had started out as a simple "fling" has become something else and you want a commitment or you want to move on. How long have you been together? We all grow over time. Most couples either grow together, or grow apart. But if you find that the growing apart leaves you dreading when you are with them, maybe it's time to move on.

Step 4
Look at your relationship under a magnifying glass. Are you fighting all the time? Do you find that you/or your partner would rather spend time with their friends than with you? Are you finding fault with each other all the time? Is there or could there be another love interest? These are hard questions, believe me I know it, but you have to ask yourself these questions.

Step 5
Can you be truthful with each other? Do you communicate? How often do you talk about what is going on in your lives? Have they shut you out? Do you shut them out? How often are you intimate with each other? If you aren't having relations at least once a month, there is a problem of some sort. Are they ever tender with you any more?

Step 6
Who have you become as a result of being in this relationship? Is this WHO you are? Do you feel empty inside? Is being with this person getting in the way of who you want to be, truly be, or moreover, who you are? Have you become less of yourself so that they can be more of who they are? Are you the martyr?

Step 7
The hand you hold, maybe the hand that holds you down. If the relationship isn't working at making you a better person, or helping you to become the best you that you can be, then see it for what it is. If you face facts early on in the relationship, you can either work it out, or move on. Don't go chasing after friends. It is truly much better to be alone and happy then to be in a horrible relationship that eats at you daily and in the end sends you to an early grave.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Live, Love, and Let Go

I can't find the words to is now 5:50 and approximately 20 minutes ago my bird passed away. Although I called my bird fat, and said it ate too much, and teased it when it didn't talk to me, and used to put my barbie's hand in the cage, and used to feed it cup of noodles, and used to talk on the phone in front of it, and so much more... I will miss my bird so so much....Death and losses hurt my heart.....I don't take losing people very well...its different to lose them and know they're still wandering in the world but losing them by death has to be the hardest thing ever....Only God knows how much I loved my bird and my aunt that just passed....I just prayed earlier today for God to help me with what I was going through and to give me strength....I thanked him for all the things I had, all the things I don't have, and all the things I will have in the future.....I thank God for the memories I have with my aunt and my bird that will always dwell in my heart....I honestly cannot stop crying....I stood there watching him struggle and I shut the door...(I don't take that well either)...and as soon as my uncle said "Oh No" I knew that was it....You love things so much and you want them to be there forever but sometimes they just can't.....sometimes God is doing all that he can to let you know that *as the color purple would say* "This life don't last forever, but heaven last always" So take advantage of what you have and cherish your time by creating memories with those people...or in my case people and animals.....If I could say one last thing to my bird I would say I love you so much and I'm going to miss you just as much.....
RIP Mr. Green

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just Blogging

I'm kinda bummed that I missed church today. I didn't have time to do my hair yesterday because I was too busy indulging in crab legs and shrimp. I had a wonderful 4th of July. Come to think of it...My life is wonderful. I have this wonderful internship making alot of money while learning alot in the process. I can honestly say the experience is invaluable. I'm re-acquainting myself with people I lost touch with throughout the years and making an impact on their lives and vice versa. My family and I are so close now. My niece loves me although we fight all the time with her toys, but she knows its out of love...I don't know man..I just feel blessed and highly drama no nothing....

Although I do have all of these things going well I still have continuous aspirations. I have the career, I have the grades, I have the blessing pouring in but what I want to aspire for myself is to become a free spirit. Indulging in life, what it has to offer and being open minded. I'm an observant person and I've noticed that the people that are unsuccessful (in terms of my definition of success) are the ones that don't open up their minds...those that are close-minded to the walls or environment around them and then they blame it on God not catching them a break... I believe you have to look around you to determine what is prohibiting your success or even WHO is....if you have all this drama following you why? If you can't find a career why? What are you doing to contribute towards it?

It has worked for me thus far and I'm going to keep on working at it in hope that it continue to work and God will continue to bless me. Oh well. I think Im going to read this book I just bought...until next time..

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I know that some people claim that they don't care what people think about them regardless so why do you change up depending on who you're around. Having the ability to adapt is one thing but SWITCHING THE GAME UP is a whole other thing. Be yourself, but be consistent...Keep in mind what people say when they're in your face and behind your back....if you died today what would people really say about you.....keep that in mind when you carry yourself every day. I just thought about that being as though Michael Jackson was lost today.....what are people saying about him now that he's gone......what did people really think of him while he was's all so crazy to me....RIP Michael....until next time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Be Careful

Be careful about the people who you associate with and the people you confide in. People come in and out of your life like seasons but the real ones will be there year end and year out. Been disappointed by plenty of people this year man, but I am a strong woman. I hate when you confide in someone in someone that is supposed to be your friend and when a discussion arises they take it personal and rub it back in your face. I think that is so petty beyond belief. I hate when people stop talking to you over petty stuff and call everyone their best friend that they're not. People are completely flawed with not identifying who they are and what they stand for...and if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything...where are some real intelligent open minded people out here that aren't with all this shiesty mess going on....anywho enough with the drama....time for fun. Until next time.


Monday, June 1, 2009


So I've been watching B Scott's video for years. I practically love him. Not only is he inspiring, but he is so dag on funny!!! I was waiting on him to comment on this video and he did!!!!! I feel like it's christmas! The sims 3 comes out tomorrow.....OMG (too excited) Well onto continuing to lay in my bed until i feel like getting up to do some spring cleaning.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Been Gone For A Minute....

yeah so i guess we have a lot of catching up to do.. i've been spending the last couple of months analyzing and re-analyzing my life. i've made a lot of decisions...and changed my mind on almost all of em lol.....I DECIDED TO JOIN THE AIR FORCE! and i'm ridiculously excited about it...everybody keeps asking me why i'm joining..and its a lot. i've been out of high school for 3 years and i just feel like theres so much more i can be doing with my life. i know its not going to be easy...but the things that are worth it usually aren't...which leads to my next love life has been up & down the past couple weeks or so... we're both just trying to figure out why things arent like they were...or why they arent like we feel they should be after 2 years. i've been trying to figure out if it was worth trying anymore..and if i should just walk away..but no matter how hard i try to...i just cant...and its been the same for him...but the fact that we tried to walk away from each other bothers me..but maybe it shouldnt...i mean...we're still here right?? UGH! work! i'm convinced that mimi's is going to work me to death lol. 40 hr weeks are NO joke when u work in a restaurant. theres  no desk to sit at..and u have to deal with people and their bs....but i'm making BANK though!!!! soooo....y complain?? i've been dealing with home issues a lot lately too...and i've been thinking about moving...even transfered jobs..but i've come to realize that my biggest problem is that there is only one stable thing about me...the fact that i ALWAYS run when i dont want to deal with things..and usually i end up in a more ridiculous situation than i was i decided to stick it out..stop running..and oh idk GROW THE HELL UP!! lls (yeah i just went on myself a lil bit) well i guess thats it...B IS STILL A FOOLYWANG. THAT WONT EVER CHANGE. until next time people..promise it wont be so long..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A pack of hair is all I ever wanted! + IT

WTF is what you're probably thinking. But that's what I was thinking when this hot ass chick Myamee wins "I Love Money 2", and cries as she says "Now I can buy all the packs of hair I want." HHMMMM! Well I don't know about ANYBODY else, but that aint what anybody should be thinking of. Once again we go on TV and give them something to talk about. Never ceases to amaze me at the things we do and say. I know we can't categorize everyone for her ignorant comment, but it needs to change!! Whatever happened to paying off your bills, or even investing in a home. Maybe she has all she needs, ,IDK! Just thought I was the only one to catch that and I wanted to bring it to the forefront!

IT has issues. That's all I'm going to say about IT!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Anger has been getting the best of me

Psalms 37: 8 says Cease from anger and forsake wrath;fret not yourself-it tends only evildoing. For evildooers shall be cut off, but those who wait and hope and look for the Lord [in the end] shall inherit the earth.

I will think of this every time I become angry with what is going on my life I need to think about this. I've went through so much this week alone and I've had mixed feelings about so many things going on with school and home. My frustrations have been gradually coming out but they came out in a way in which I thought I would never have to be brought to. I need to stop dwelling on how other people think about what I should be doing and focus on how I'm doing it. Apparently I'm not doing something right in their eyes if they coming at my head in an ignorant way about it so it is what it is. I declare to myself through blogging that I will let go of this anger because it takes energy to be angry with someone. It doesn't take any energy to be indifferent and thats what I choose to be. The semester is almost over NO MORE 8 Oclock classes....Life will get Better

I declare, God that the fountain of Life is with you, in Your light, I see light [Amen] Good night...


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I encourage people to try and gain perspective...and this can only be done by stepping out of your comfort zone and gaining experience and not being subject to what is placed in front of you but what is in between the lines....*shrugs*


Monday, April 13, 2009

I GUESS you wanna STD...and thats FINE!


Scenario: One of my ex-good friends was talking to this dude for a while. She was telling me about dude and all this extra geeking shit. Whole time she's telling me about this dude, I been feeling like I know him and the things she saying is all too close to the dude that I know. She was calling him by a shortened name (nickname) or whatever that made me think it wasn't the same dude I knew. So one day she's doing my hair and she's telling me more and more about this dude to the point where I know that it's the same nigga. Different name or not. So right in the middle of her talking I'm like "That nigga has a girlfriend." She's like "why you say that." I'm like because his stepmother and my mother are friends. And so I start telling her about him and she's like shocked! I'm like leave nigga alone. She called dude and asked him about it and all this extra geekin shit. Ok, they talk...blah...blah....blah. I assume from that day they weren't going to talk. (This summer 07) they continue talking to NOW (Spring 09). I find out that she could possibly have an STD from this very dude. Now my source who told me advised me to tell my friend she could have it. I wasn't even going to tell the girl bcuz she been dumb since jump with messin with dude knowing he has a girl. My source said you really should that's your friend. I'm like ur right, and I tell her...........
Check this B.S: I tell my friend that she could have an STD from dude and she's like I got checked in like Jan or Feb, and I'm good. She said they werent even fucking anymore, cuz I asked!! So some hours later she had the NERVE, the audacity to call me and say that DUDE is outside my house and told her to tell me to come outside. I'm like...I hope you joking. You sending dude to my house. Oh yea......that's how we rockin???? Thought I was helping a friend out.....guess not....DAMN!!!!!!

{ B }

Friday, April 10, 2009

I need Prayer ya'll

First,  PRAY I GET A JOB IN A WEEK TOPS!!!......

Well I'm blown that I do not have a job because i NEED one.  It's just this simple.  I can't take staying at home and not doing anything with my life at all.  Then I have school starting on june 1st.  I actually can't wait for that.  It just made me feel better about a lot of ish.  Then my master mother keeps asking me what's going on and I'm like...ARRGHHH!  I know more than you I have bills to pay.  Leave me alone chick!  Love her though.  At the moment what would make me happy is some sour patch kids and some soda.  I don't feel like going to get either.  I guess I can wait until tomorrow.

Whats really good with C??

Remember that life is way too short.  You have to seize the moment now, because you might get seized in the moment.  And let's go out with no regrets, no guilt or shame!  If you feel a sense of those things, you make room to improve.  Lesson Learned.  Take it with a grain a salt.  Keep it movin!  Do it all again.  As long as you live.  Because that's life.  And we only got one to live!  

{ B }

LOL @ Everything in this F*(&ing world + a BUNCH of Randomness...Enjoy

>I'm just laughing @ everything first off!

>Lets get the randomness make me feel better about myself!!!!

First...uhhhhhhhh...Cassie, Britney Spears CANT be your role model

So ASSie Cassie decided it would be a good idea to chop...not all...but only one half of her head off.  I personally don't get it.  But seeing it I think she could maybe rock a bomb short cut....not like she has anything better to do.....


>Somehow my credit card info got into a porn addicts hands....cuz they bought $80 worth.  Who steals a credit card for porn??...

>I still need a JOB!

{ B }

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hip Hop Flight Attendant

So today I'm upset because I forgot I'm getting inducted into Golden Key International Honour Society. I also found out some information about this organization I want to join that I didn't find very welcoming. But anywho onto the video [relaxing before induction] [J]

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First and Foremost I woke up this morning feeling like....[UGH]...I woke up thinking about so many things in my brain.....Last night I was reading Madea's book "Dont make a black woman take off her earrings" it was ok...must've not been that great if i fell asleep on it. So I'm supposed to be at HU Beautification Day, but I'm just not into least not today when I want to relax and relax my hair.... I LOVE B SCOTT: He makes me laugh soooooo hard... anyway

I was looking at other people's blogs thinking maybe I gotta things up Like this Video:

when did Halle berry learn how to walk it out....or I didn't know she had to look urban to do her own dance that everyone made up.....OH WELL....Onto this take-home test and relaxing....until next time...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nightcap tidbits!

Wow...I'm sleepy. I went to my old high school today and that was pretty fun. I saw 2 teachers that I used to have and conversed with them for a while. I also decided I'm gonna be graduating from Howard. That's a good look right there. You know it's the real HU! In case you ever hear about the real HU....make sure its Howrd. Some other schools try to say they're the real HU. Played a trick on C bc she's ridic and doesn't blog. Its april fools day and I told her my car was set on fire. Such a great person that she went for it. >:O●H.Α.●:-D:-DHΑHΑHΑ●HΑ:'( .● times!!

{ B }

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 I have a twitter! + AMERICAN IDOL!

So i am now guilty of getting on this new crave called Twitter!! I know you all have heard about Twitter and everyone having one. it's pretty cool and celebs have them and they actually are probably doing their own updates b/c that's all you have to do. The site only allows you to get updates from people. That's all they can do as well. IDK! It's much more simple than facebook. I'm not a complex person and facebook and myspace are adding 9832748327 features that makes their sites complicated and annoying to me. I like user friendly AND simple. Hope everyone gets a twitter and follows me.


So American Idol is on and sometimes people pick the dumbest songs. One little rocker hippie-
ish chick sang Bob Marley 'Turn your lights down low." I'm like you don't even look like you would know that song let a lone sing it. Of course the judges chewed her out. Well deserved. She was ridiculous for singing that song. They have a blond guy this season who's actually pretty good. Better than a lot of the contestants. Simon is hilarious, and Paula is still.............mmmhm. Randy can't seem to get the word "dog" out of his vocab and I'm still not sure who this new judge is and how she's qualified for this!

Just some
ish I wanted to talk about today.....

{ B }

I am so irritated right now

You can't depend on anyone but yourself...I need to learn how to take hold of my own....F*#$...TBC [J]

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am becoming so me a hypocrite if you want but i am so tired of my roommate on the phone with her boyfriend. If this keeps going on I think i'm going to have to move out. I know she hears me turning the TV up because i dont wanna hear that shit.....*excuse my french* I don't want to live with her anymore GOD KNOWS. I am just sick and tired of her.....her affirmations and her insecurities.....FOLLOWERS you know a woman is insecure when she goes out of her way to put down other women and needs confirmation from other people. Why do you need someone to tell you that a girl is ugly. Or why do you need your boyfriend who claims he loves you more or loves you the most *based on what i hear* to confirm that he doesnt like sloppy girls? she just annoys why are your showers 5 minutes....and why doesnt your hair move...LOL Sorry i wa s having a moment...but i'm fine anyway......I'm sitting on the phone while marcus is snoring thinking about reading this book to sleep. The TV is extra loud i can't even think but it drowns her out so thats fine. I just finished watching sex and the city twice. I love that movie so much. I wish i had friends like that and a temporary life like that. Just me and my girls and dispensable income LOL . I am so thirsty wondering where B and C are....oh well I guess this means Good night (Reading Attitude 101)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

C is IGNORANT...she should be BANNED!...UGH ELIZABETH!

Sooo, I'm thinking that I can't take the amounts of foolywang material that C ejects from her pores into my life....EVERYDAY! She does not blog at ALL! I'm consulting with J on Banning her or starting our own blog. AMERICA! I ask you does it look like she cares? It doesn't seem like she does to me. That's where i am on that ignorant fool. And she wonders why I dont answer my phone. I have to debate her ingorance!

Ok, so this show "The View"...NO HOMO. Seriously they talk about world issues and it's a way to keep up with people using regular terms. But there is a certain specimen of a creature that literally works my nerves. She oooozzzes ignorance like NO other. I mean C is coming close, but definitely no cigar! So she's on the view as one of the host and I think she's an asshole. Barack Obama is the greatest president this country is going to see. NOT because he's black. These are just my views, and america CLEARLY agrees. So President Obama went on the Jay Leno show (which he had a great interview on) and is talking to Leno about Bowling. Obama says that he has been recently practicing his bowling skills, and had bowled a 129. If you're a bowler or know anything about it, you know that a really good score is in the 200s. Leno congratulated him in sarcasm of course, and President Obama replied jokingly "I know it sounds like Special Olympics." OK! Bad statement. We know! Obama immediately realized what he said, and apologized. Here's the thing with me and politics. I do feel it was a bad statement, but does this NOW affect his ability to run this country? NO! So on to Elizabeths Redneck ass. She makes this big deal that he needs to watch what he says, and so on and so forth. Honestly when I watched the show I didn't catch it, but you know everyone's waiting for him to slip. He did have a mess up, but I won't hold it against him. I don't see why I should. He's human as am I, and I can't expect him to do godly things, when he's NOT god. Elizabeth just blew me about it, and I'm like what's REALLY the deal here. You wanted McCain to win, he didn't and NOBODY likes you. You're next to get fired. HOPEFULLY! ........j/k! Wouldn't want any her or anyone to go through what I'm going through *side eye*

Just another edition of B's eye!

{ B }

Monday, March 23, 2009

Turned Test In...Looking Like Crap

I'm sitting here in my room thinking about all the stuff I had to go through today. It was crucial. I had to go to buckman and deal with some last minute stuff pertaining to the seminar today. It went smooth but it could've been tightened up (what else is new). He has been gettin on my nerves and I had to tell him about himself today about what I will do what I won't put up with and that I will leave if I dont feel like I am happy. He said he will try....I feel myself drawing near to that FED UP moment but we'll see whats to come....i have student leaders outside of my dorm yellin at the top of their lungs WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and so on and so forth. Saying WOOOOOOOO and WOOOOOOO and i'm just like go home.....speaking of dorm I turned in my housing application for my single room. By the grace of God i turned it in and got the room that I wanted. This is why you do things earlier... I turned in my test probably failed (shrug) anywho I still need to do somethin to this nappy head of onto another adventure...probably will write later if i'm not sleep under the dryer.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

No job!!

Just as the title says....NO JOB! I lost my job last thursday. I should be more upset than I am, but I'm not. I've even blogged about how much I hate my job, and how I can't wait to get. Well they say be careful what you wish for. You just might get it all, and then some. I definitley wished I could not have to work there. What I didn't wish for was to be fired and jobless. I guess your wondering what I could've done being I'm perfect. Well I got fired for looking for other jobs on the internet. Yup. That's what my boss said the corporate office said. I was on job related sites too much. I guess so.........

And NO J, you don't need to make another blog. This one is JUST fine don't be ridiculous. C is all the ignorant foolywangery material I can possibly take in this lifetime.....

{ B }

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stankadank Slore Whore

Sooooo I just chose a randon title because......maybe I'm random like that...New movie coming out about Mall Cops: Observe and Report....def not going to see that..I haven't blogged in a while....Blogger D*@#ed me. I typed this long blog about the annoying lady in the barnes and noble, my uncle, my niece, my spring break, and other things and it totally wiped my blog from the face of Blogdom....whats up with that. I'm trying to keep my grades up, with prayer I might get all A's....YAYYYYYYY i'm thinking i'm writing about the wrong stuff in this stuff seems a little more personal...maybe I should start a separate blog...then I could get down and dirtayyyyyy and I could just subscribe to this one....who knows..The annoying lady in the Barnes and Noble I will never forget her. I'm joining a book club!!!!!! I can't wait....i dunno I'm tired 8 o'clock class. I'm gone -__- good night!


AYE! Wats good! D. Woods + her hair line were on Pole Watch!

Sooo D. Woods decided to show her other talents sans Danity Kane. I have to say I like her new hobbies. And I'm particular when it comes to females hair. She usually always has on a wig so seeing the hair line for a change is nice. Wonder how the other girls feel about D. Woods new career change.....not really.

{ B }

Monday, March 16, 2009


In NO way, shape, or form are we a celebrity gossip site (even though B & I read on the daily)....BUT I HAVE TO KNOW WHATS REALLY HOOD WITH FRANKIE!!!...I need Keyshia to STOP whatever it is she's doing and come get her mother..out in ATL lookin like who shot Sam...

SMDH...Damn Shame

Paperwork && Procrastination....both r DEADLY!

Soooo. I have a lot of both going on here in my office. Lots of paperwork and a lot of me not going through any of it. I'm just not feeling it right now. I have so much ish to do. Then on top of that people are always asking me to do their work, to make me feel important.....BOGUS! I'm doing it becuz they don't want to do it. Guess they think I'm a fool. But I really should do some wrk and blog about this on my break in 30 min. But I'm not about to blog on my free time at work!

Why would either of those foolywangs think that I care ab anything that they do?????
.....cuz I don't!

{ B }

Sunday, March 15, 2009

B is the MOST ignorant person I know---

Let's see...
  • You can't hear his voicemail because when he recorded it he barely had service so its all broken up...
  • You call & call & call & he doesn't answer...
  • Then when he does pick up, he doesn't say anything...

UGH! I cannot keep dealing with his foolywangery material...

Randomness in the world

I'm about to go back to school and I can honestly say I really enjoyed my spring break... I did everything that I said I was going to do and me I had some good times and bad times but hey....thats life for you....A random thing: I gave my uncle a hug today....he liked it he need to stop fakin....I've never been the affectionate type so I know that he's like aww my little von pooh ia growing up and wants to like fake cry just a little bit.....but let me rewind......THIS RANDOM lady approached me at barnes and noble and was like she wanted me to join her teenage book club (insult right) I told her : Look lady i'm 21 I don't wanna join ur stankin book club (j/k) but something along those lines

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is rambling...bare with me people!

I'm ready to get away from this place.  I'm going to Cali in April, and time doesnt move fast enough.  I'm ready to leave so that I can have a damn vacation...sheesh....

This season of the real the MOST real of the seasons.  They got women who USED to be men, not able to pay their bills....awkward!

Whats funnier than Day 26?  These niggas acting like PURE bitches.  Especially that Q character.  He is only 20.  So am I, and I don't throw tantrums.  Why are they so surprised that they don't have that much money? not selling that many records....TWO....that means you not gonna make a lot of money....THREE....u decided to join a GROUP so now you gotta split that money 5 damn ways....FOUR.....sell them damn clothes you wearing to ME!....that'll give you a lil bit a change!...haha

Cant talk ab them without talking about Danity Kane.......nvm!  Yes I can....moving along............

I'm pretty hungry....I'm bout to go hustle some money outta my pops....


{ B }

Friday, March 13, 2009

Can't Beat the Sadness - J

(Void) All day I've been feeling really sad and I just cannot shake it. I've been dwelling on so much all day...thinking about all sorts of much in fact that my head is throbbing....or maybe its the food I ate....The old folks tell me that God puts someone on earth here just for you...and when the time comes you will know.....what if you neverk now....what if u never find out who that person is.....or what if u thought the person u thought it was was not him.....then what.....

So many questions come to mind when it comes to the perseverance of a much will she put up with....i put up with so much willingly it hurts my spirit...I don't know who that man is anymore and I walk around if I was fooled to believe that the guy I spent all that time was was him....I asked someone today.....sometimes dont u just feel like quitting life...when it gets to hard....and they replied "yeah I do but i never give up" "there are things that inspires me to keep going"...all that personal stuff that keeps people going I have come in and out of my I've confided my life to I regret doing so....I feel like I've shut down....emotionally and I dont know what to do about anything anymore.....I'm trying to figure this life thing out but it gets harder as the days roll by....I want to be happy but I feel like i'm totally incapable of doing happiness is only temporary and then it reverts back to being sad again...its something beyond my control.....I always think things can be worse though....

And Then There Was Me- Intro to C

Ok..I've FINALLY made it on after being harassed by B & J (love you guys)...anywho..
I'm sitting here with J in Panera Bread doing a whole bunch of nothing and theres an elderly man who needed help. Now for those of us who have enjoyed Panera, you know its not a restaurant where you have a server. You go to a counter, order your food, and sit down at a table and eat. This man sat there for almost 10 mins with his bill in the air (i think because he had difficulties walking), and NOBODY came to help him (and NONE of them were busy). Now, by the time I was ready to get up and help him my d&$# self, he got up and was making his way to the counter. But this is what I dont understand...if you see an elderly person, why not just go help them??? Even if its not in your job description. They are human! And what people fail to realize is one day...that will be us...and we will need help...AND KARMA IS A #$%^& WITH NO REMORSE. Mmmpphhh....guess we're so wrapped up in ourselves these days that nobody else matters...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life is So Crazy - Introduction of J

Sometimes when you are going through something in need to take the time out to thank God for the blessings that you have. I personally, have been through so many things from birth up until now and am proud to say that I have had the ability to overcome. Although I've stumbled a couple of times I never broke down I kept fighting...and with the fight I gained and lost alot. I lost who I used to be...I lost the hair and I lost the clothing. I lost some friends, I lost the localities. I gained friends, even some who didn't have my best interest at heart. I gained perspective as to what life really is outside of the box. I gained spirituality and trusted some of my outcomes with the Lord. I gained the respect of my family and a sense of pride. Right now I'm looking for balance I guess. Knowing that life isn't always going to be superfantastic and that there are going to be bad times that lead up to the good times. I'm growing into adulthood trying to make decisions that will better my future and trying to prevent mistakes if I can help it. I still go through things personally. Things that I just for years cannot shake, but one day I'll probably get it. Maybe the light bulb will come on and life will just make sense...Oh well...until next time...


WORK SUCKS && am I the only one blogging?????

Man work sucks. Story of my life. Everyone knows that I dnt like my job. My manager is literally an ignoramous. I wonder how she got in her position. Oh I work for a company called SMC. The community I work at I work in the maintenance dept as the coordinator. I tell everyone excpet the Service Manager what to do. Before thinking how sweet that is think ab WHO I'm telling stuff to do. Dudes that can be my dad are trippin and crying like babies. I could have worked in a damn hair salon if I wanted this drama. They complain ab me all the time saying I'm mean. I'm only aggressive with ppl who don't do their jobs. That's pretty much the whole team with few exceptions. And they say he never talk to so and so that way. I rarely talk to them at all bc they are DOING their job....not complaining ab it. And sorry for the txt language. I'm on my sidekick. Anywayz...they be trippin. Like now I should be doing work. But I dnt want to. I dnt really value this job. And on top of that I work on 3 projects...I dnt even wanna get in that....its seperate blog worhy.....I think I may go do some work b4 I get fired....and I NEED MONEY...I'm going to Cali in April and NY in June. Gotta have paper for both events!......

And ab those other 2 people who allegedly is supposed to be on this blog with me are pretty MIA!.......they both suck and that's how I feel. Stay up people!

{ B }

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

CHRIHANNAGATE Through my eyes i make my first post about this!  Well i just been stating my opinion to my family and friends, I just wanted to expose how I view it to the world. 

Ok, soooo Whats really hood Chris Brown??  So now we're beating on females.  This whole thing is interesting to me because he said that his mom was abused by a man.  I figured that if you see another man that's not your father hit your mom, you feel some type a way about it.  Guess he really doesnt.  

Rihanna is ON HER HEAD as well with this whole situation.  She looks like a FOOL!  I'm dissapointed.  So much for that Island heat.  

Now, mind you this is IF he really did just sayin.

{ B }