Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am becoming so me a hypocrite if you want but i am so tired of my roommate on the phone with her boyfriend. If this keeps going on I think i'm going to have to move out. I know she hears me turning the TV up because i dont wanna hear that shit.....*excuse my french* I don't want to live with her anymore GOD KNOWS. I am just sick and tired of her.....her affirmations and her insecurities.....FOLLOWERS you know a woman is insecure when she goes out of her way to put down other women and needs confirmation from other people. Why do you need someone to tell you that a girl is ugly. Or why do you need your boyfriend who claims he loves you more or loves you the most *based on what i hear* to confirm that he doesnt like sloppy girls? she just annoys why are your showers 5 minutes....and why doesnt your hair move...LOL Sorry i wa s having a moment...but i'm fine anyway......I'm sitting on the phone while marcus is snoring thinking about reading this book to sleep. The TV is extra loud i can't even think but it drowns her out so thats fine. I just finished watching sex and the city twice. I love that movie so much. I wish i had friends like that and a temporary life like that. Just me and my girls and dispensable income LOL . I am so thirsty wondering where B and C are....oh well I guess this means Good night (Reading Attitude 101)


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