Wednesday, March 25, 2009

C is IGNORANT...she should be BANNED!...UGH ELIZABETH!

Sooo, I'm thinking that I can't take the amounts of foolywang material that C ejects from her pores into my life....EVERYDAY! She does not blog at ALL! I'm consulting with J on Banning her or starting our own blog. AMERICA! I ask you does it look like she cares? It doesn't seem like she does to me. That's where i am on that ignorant fool. And she wonders why I dont answer my phone. I have to debate her ingorance!

Ok, so this show "The View"...NO HOMO. Seriously they talk about world issues and it's a way to keep up with people using regular terms. But there is a certain specimen of a creature that literally works my nerves. She oooozzzes ignorance like NO other. I mean C is coming close, but definitely no cigar! So she's on the view as one of the host and I think she's an asshole. Barack Obama is the greatest president this country is going to see. NOT because he's black. These are just my views, and america CLEARLY agrees. So President Obama went on the Jay Leno show (which he had a great interview on) and is talking to Leno about Bowling. Obama says that he has been recently practicing his bowling skills, and had bowled a 129. If you're a bowler or know anything about it, you know that a really good score is in the 200s. Leno congratulated him in sarcasm of course, and President Obama replied jokingly "I know it sounds like Special Olympics." OK! Bad statement. We know! Obama immediately realized what he said, and apologized. Here's the thing with me and politics. I do feel it was a bad statement, but does this NOW affect his ability to run this country? NO! So on to Elizabeths Redneck ass. She makes this big deal that he needs to watch what he says, and so on and so forth. Honestly when I watched the show I didn't catch it, but you know everyone's waiting for him to slip. He did have a mess up, but I won't hold it against him. I don't see why I should. He's human as am I, and I can't expect him to do godly things, when he's NOT god. Elizabeth just blew me about it, and I'm like what's REALLY the deal here. You wanted McCain to win, he didn't and NOBODY likes you. You're next to get fired. HOPEFULLY! ........j/k! Wouldn't want any her or anyone to go through what I'm going through *side eye*

Just another edition of B's eye!

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