Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mmmmhm.....so I have a twitter! + AMERICAN IDOL!

So i am now guilty of getting on this new crave called Twitter!! I know you all have heard about Twitter and everyone having one. it's pretty cool and celebs have them and they actually are probably doing their own updates b/c that's all you have to do. The site only allows you to get updates from people. That's all they can do as well. IDK! It's much more simple than facebook. I'm not a complex person and facebook and myspace are adding 9832748327 features that makes their sites complicated and annoying to me. I like user friendly AND simple. Hope everyone gets a twitter and follows me.


So American Idol is on and sometimes people pick the dumbest songs. One little rocker hippie-
ish chick sang Bob Marley 'Turn your lights down low." I'm like you don't even look like you would know that song let a lone sing it. Of course the judges chewed her out. Well deserved. She was ridiculous for singing that song. They have a blond guy this season who's actually pretty good. Better than a lot of the contestants. Simon is hilarious, and Paula is still.............mmmhm. Randy can't seem to get the word "dog" out of his vocab and I'm still not sure who this new judge is and how she's qualified for this!

Just some
ish I wanted to talk about today.....

{ B }

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