Thursday, March 12, 2009

WORK SUCKS && am I the only one blogging?????

Man work sucks. Story of my life. Everyone knows that I dnt like my job. My manager is literally an ignoramous. I wonder how she got in her position. Oh I work for a company called SMC. The community I work at I work in the maintenance dept as the coordinator. I tell everyone excpet the Service Manager what to do. Before thinking how sweet that is think ab WHO I'm telling stuff to do. Dudes that can be my dad are trippin and crying like babies. I could have worked in a damn hair salon if I wanted this drama. They complain ab me all the time saying I'm mean. I'm only aggressive with ppl who don't do their jobs. That's pretty much the whole team with few exceptions. And they say he never talk to so and so that way. I rarely talk to them at all bc they are DOING their job....not complaining ab it. And sorry for the txt language. I'm on my sidekick. Anywayz...they be trippin. Like now I should be doing work. But I dnt want to. I dnt really value this job. And on top of that I work on 3 projects...I dnt even wanna get in that....its seperate blog worhy.....I think I may go do some work b4 I get fired....and I NEED MONEY...I'm going to Cali in April and NY in June. Gotta have paper for both events!......

And ab those other 2 people who allegedly is supposed to be on this blog with me are pretty MIA!.......they both suck and that's how I feel. Stay up people!

{ B }

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