Friday, March 13, 2009

And Then There Was Me- Intro to C

Ok..I've FINALLY made it on after being harassed by B & J (love you guys)...anywho..
I'm sitting here with J in Panera Bread doing a whole bunch of nothing and theres an elderly man who needed help. Now for those of us who have enjoyed Panera, you know its not a restaurant where you have a server. You go to a counter, order your food, and sit down at a table and eat. This man sat there for almost 10 mins with his bill in the air (i think because he had difficulties walking), and NOBODY came to help him (and NONE of them were busy). Now, by the time I was ready to get up and help him my d&$# self, he got up and was making his way to the counter. But this is what I dont understand...if you see an elderly person, why not just go help them??? Even if its not in your job description. They are human! And what people fail to realize is one day...that will be us...and we will need help...AND KARMA IS A #$%^& WITH NO REMORSE. Mmmpphhh....guess we're so wrapped up in ourselves these days that nobody else matters...

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