Monday, March 23, 2009

Turned Test In...Looking Like Crap

I'm sitting here in my room thinking about all the stuff I had to go through today. It was crucial. I had to go to buckman and deal with some last minute stuff pertaining to the seminar today. It went smooth but it could've been tightened up (what else is new). He has been gettin on my nerves and I had to tell him about himself today about what I will do what I won't put up with and that I will leave if I dont feel like I am happy. He said he will try....I feel myself drawing near to that FED UP moment but we'll see whats to come....i have student leaders outside of my dorm yellin at the top of their lungs WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and so on and so forth. Saying WOOOOOOOO and WOOOOOOO and i'm just like go home.....speaking of dorm I turned in my housing application for my single room. By the grace of God i turned it in and got the room that I wanted. This is why you do things earlier... I turned in my test probably failed (shrug) anywho I still need to do somethin to this nappy head of onto another adventure...probably will write later if i'm not sleep under the dryer.


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