Thursday, March 12, 2009

Life is So Crazy - Introduction of J

Sometimes when you are going through something in need to take the time out to thank God for the blessings that you have. I personally, have been through so many things from birth up until now and am proud to say that I have had the ability to overcome. Although I've stumbled a couple of times I never broke down I kept fighting...and with the fight I gained and lost alot. I lost who I used to be...I lost the hair and I lost the clothing. I lost some friends, I lost the localities. I gained friends, even some who didn't have my best interest at heart. I gained perspective as to what life really is outside of the box. I gained spirituality and trusted some of my outcomes with the Lord. I gained the respect of my family and a sense of pride. Right now I'm looking for balance I guess. Knowing that life isn't always going to be superfantastic and that there are going to be bad times that lead up to the good times. I'm growing into adulthood trying to make decisions that will better my future and trying to prevent mistakes if I can help it. I still go through things personally. Things that I just for years cannot shake, but one day I'll probably get it. Maybe the light bulb will come on and life will just make sense...Oh well...until next time...


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