Friday, April 10, 2009

LOL @ Everything in this F*(&ing world + a BUNCH of Randomness...Enjoy

>I'm just laughing @ everything first off!

>Lets get the randomness make me feel better about myself!!!!

First...uhhhhhhhh...Cassie, Britney Spears CANT be your role model

So ASSie Cassie decided it would be a good idea to chop...not all...but only one half of her head off.  I personally don't get it.  But seeing it I think she could maybe rock a bomb short cut....not like she has anything better to do.....


>Somehow my credit card info got into a porn addicts hands....cuz they bought $80 worth.  Who steals a credit card for porn??...

>I still need a JOB!

{ B }

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