Friday, April 10, 2009

I need Prayer ya'll

First,  PRAY I GET A JOB IN A WEEK TOPS!!!......

Well I'm blown that I do not have a job because i NEED one.  It's just this simple.  I can't take staying at home and not doing anything with my life at all.  Then I have school starting on june 1st.  I actually can't wait for that.  It just made me feel better about a lot of ish.  Then my master mother keeps asking me what's going on and I'm like...ARRGHHH!  I know more than you I have bills to pay.  Leave me alone chick!  Love her though.  At the moment what would make me happy is some sour patch kids and some soda.  I don't feel like going to get either.  I guess I can wait until tomorrow.

Whats really good with C??

Remember that life is way too short.  You have to seize the moment now, because you might get seized in the moment.  And let's go out with no regrets, no guilt or shame!  If you feel a sense of those things, you make room to improve.  Lesson Learned.  Take it with a grain a salt.  Keep it movin!  Do it all again.  As long as you live.  Because that's life.  And we only got one to live!  

{ B }

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