Saturday, August 29, 2009

Live, Love, and Let Go

I can't find the words to is now 5:50 and approximately 20 minutes ago my bird passed away. Although I called my bird fat, and said it ate too much, and teased it when it didn't talk to me, and used to put my barbie's hand in the cage, and used to feed it cup of noodles, and used to talk on the phone in front of it, and so much more... I will miss my bird so so much....Death and losses hurt my heart.....I don't take losing people very well...its different to lose them and know they're still wandering in the world but losing them by death has to be the hardest thing ever....Only God knows how much I loved my bird and my aunt that just passed....I just prayed earlier today for God to help me with what I was going through and to give me strength....I thanked him for all the things I had, all the things I don't have, and all the things I will have in the future.....I thank God for the memories I have with my aunt and my bird that will always dwell in my heart....I honestly cannot stop crying....I stood there watching him struggle and I shut the door...(I don't take that well either)...and as soon as my uncle said "Oh No" I knew that was it....You love things so much and you want them to be there forever but sometimes they just can't.....sometimes God is doing all that he can to let you know that *as the color purple would say* "This life don't last forever, but heaven last always" So take advantage of what you have and cherish your time by creating memories with those people...or in my case people and animals.....If I could say one last thing to my bird I would say I love you so much and I'm going to miss you just as much.....
RIP Mr. Green

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